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Our offer

Our role on your side



Accessing different players to offer opportunities to buy/sell shares in infrastructure assets



Of the financial structure and selection of the best financial offers



Integration in the project team and monitoring the negotiation of the financing



Keep focus on risks and difficult issues that may delay the timely delivery of funds

VADEFI in short...

Each financing is a unique and complex experience with multiple internal and external players

To organize, optimize, mobilize, drive, maintain a distance and attention to detail and deadlines are many challenges faced by the borrower, who usually prefers to focus resources on the core business

To entrust this role to experts who have managed financings from the position of both banks and borrowers, is putting the skill of VADEFI on your side


Jean-Pascal Orcel has a unique experience to bring your financing to success:

  • In the Energy sector he developed partnerships with financial investors and more than 400 M€ of financings for Dalkia’s and EOLFI’s wind farms, solar parks and biomass CHPs (2008-2014)
  • He was CEO of the investment fund of EOLFI : EOLFI Asset Management
  • In the Telecom sector he has arranged many financings for fixed and mobile networks, submarine cables and satellites (notably for Arianespace in 1993-2003)
  • He led the project finance activity of Credit Lyonnais in both Telecom and Energy sectors
  • He also negotiated corporate financings, both as a Senior Banker (2000-2007) and as financial director (in particular from 2012-2013 with Dalkia in France, Poland and China)
  • He has extensive experience of financial markets, financings and investment funds